Over 4000 Works of Literature
Interactive CD ROM featuring thousands of literature masterpieces.
Pronunciation Power Idioms
Pronunciation Power Idioms - illustrations helps to remember English idioms!
Pus-Poppin Frogs
It's a program developed by scientists to determine individual SNP profiles.
A music program that is powerful as a notation tool and as a sequencer tool.
Spot's Busy Day
Capturing the fun and mischief of the popular Spot Books...
The Wild Divine Grapher
A software who monitors more than 40 energy events.
Science Simulations 3
This third CD challenges students to explore further into the world of science.
Cosmic Pool
A cool, zero-gravity, space-pool game!
RSCompanion 500
Brings interactive reference information, programming wizards and software tools.
Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry drills, help and notes.
Literacy Level 1 Test M
Start the test when you are instructed to do so by your invigilator/teacher.
Bursting Bubbles
Play Bursting Bubbles for delightful puzzle game entertainment and puzzle game fun.
Caillou Colors & Shapes
Caillou is a wide-eyed four-year-old who learns about life.
Interactive Volleyball
The Interactive Volleyball CD-ROM provides an interactive experience.
Designed specifically to allow easy production and manipulation of MIDI drum patterns.
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